Always Never Yesterday

is about the future.

We are gathering voices in thoughtful discussion and wild revelry.

The pathways of the future are being paved as we live and breathe.

How do we participate in their construction and guide the path to include all voices, perspectives and histories.

ANY(thing) is an occasional email magazine curated by a variety of passionate folks like artists, activists, and scientists. It is a catalog of inspiration, information and activity delivered straight to your inbox.

ANY(time) is a DJ podcast and interview series focusing on queer and underground sounds and perspectives


ANY(how) is an installation and environment production project. We conceive, create and install immersive environments and experiences.

Exploring the future of Queer dance spaces in Portland with Bridge Club

Always Never Yesterday, is collaborating with Bridge Club, to explore how queer community spaces help to provide form and structure to the future of queerness.

We will be curating 6 visual artists to work with 6 DJs  to design a visual and auditory vision of queer identity in space and time.

2018 Visual Artists:

  • Korin Noelle + Tita Compere

  • Cay Horiuchi

  • Adam Lucero

  • Manu Torres

  • Rob Loucks

  • Ariella Tai

Stay up to date about the events by signing up for the Bridge Club newsletter or following Bridge Club on their channels.


Stay tuned after the project wraps up: we'll be compiling everything into a limited edition book.