ANY(time) 001 : The Prey

What are you gonna wear tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Monday, so I’m wearing typical Portland-weather-resistant office fare. I’m lucky that I like my job, and that it creates positive change in the world. Whenever I’m not working my day job, I’m trying to create joy and undermine oppression through music.

Do you think time travel is possible?

We are all traveling through time. It’s just that we’re all traveling at the same rate and in the same direction. Until...

What happens when we die?

That’s when we stop traveling through time. The chemical processes that create our consciousness end, and everything that makes us who we are disintegrates. It’s all just organic matter, after all. There is no afterlife, but that does not mean life isn’t meaningful.

What do you want for your birthday?

A big homosexual gang bang, obviously.

If you were an architect, what would you build? (dock, airport, shed, bridge, museum, etc..)

I’m sure I would be obsessed with refurbishing decrepit industrial spaces and turning them into nightclubs.

What song sounds like the future to you?

I have to name two songs; both sound like they were delivered from a distant future, where technology is indistinguishable from magic. “XLB” by Pearson Sound is like somersaulting through space at light speed. “Necronomicon” by Matrixxman sounds like if the entire Internet of Things became sentient and instantly had a neurotic meltdown.

Any gigs coming up?

On October 18th I’m DJing with Jackal at the Flaggers PDX 1 year anniversary kink party:

On October 28th I have the immense honor of playing with Prosumer. The party is Spend the Night at the Liquor Store, and I am thrilled to be there alongside residents Ben Tactic and Graintable.

I’m also involved with a really awesome group of people planning something special for next year in Portland… Stay tuned.

You can find David at:

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