ANY(time) 002 : Sappho

How will tomorrow be different?

Dorothy Parker says it best: "Tomorrow is gone--we'll have tonight!"

What is going to be your favorite color next year?

Patterns. Always patterns. I refuse to listen to Pantone.

What do you think is going to be the next food fad?

Accessible healthy food for all. That is the fad that needs to happen.

Do you think time is circular or linear?

I actually think time is divergent. Sometimes linear, sometimes circular and sometimes splitting off off into multiple lines.

Technology will change culture. In 100 years what do you imagine to be a positive change technology has created?

I imagine and really hoping to it creates more empathy and equality.

What is a resolution you have for the next year?

Next year I want to focus on staying the moment. There is no time like now and making the most of every moment is really important. And learning to actually produce music that is in my head.

If you were an architect, what would you build?

A library. One really cool library.

What song sounds like the future to you?

The song hasn't been made yet. Truthfully, I have so many songs in my head that I want to figure out a way to make into sounds to share and maybe one of those will sound like the future.

Any gigs coming up?

I've got a few notable ones. For this month I'll be dj'ing a undeground event called Odyssey on December 16th and then will be making noise on New Years Eve for Jump Jack at Mississippi Studios. In January, I have Space Is The Place on the first Wednesday (with Rob, the creator of this podcast series ), NoFomo on the first Friday, something special with my Bottom Forty crew in Seattle with guests Masha and Allison Swing (of Dig Deeper). And then, a super duper event coming up in February with two of my favorite djs from Germany but I can't officially announce that one yet. Stay tuned. I love the fact I can share music I like and get to do it while working with so many dedicated, talented and amazing artists.

You can find Sappho at:

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