ANY(time) 004 : boyshapedbox

How will tomorrow be different?

Tomorrow may not be any more different than today, but I get to hug you in person this coming weekend, so that makes tomorrow better than right now. <3

If you were an architect, what would you build?

I think I'd build a motel, or something with lots of rooms. And then design each room to be uniquely different from the rest so that it feels like you're in an architectural collage. Lately I've been really into disparate things butting up against each other and what forms from that forced connection.

What song sounds like the future to you?

The Pattern Forms - Man and Machine

I choose disparate sounds colliding into each other over a driving subby beat. Also, it's literally in the title.

What underwear are you gonna wear tomorrow?

Don't you think that's a little perso-*BLACK BRIEFS WITH THE BLUE WAISTBAND!!* Damnit. I'm terrible at keeping secrets. Or am I? I could be lying. You'll never know.

When is now?

There is no Now, all we have is that fraction of a moment when you try to define what Now is but realize it's suddenly turned into Then.

What are you going to accomplish this year?

More DJing and sharing music with people, hopefully online, in tiny little sweaty backrooms of clubs, or in slutty dive bars.

How will queer dance music change under president trump?

I think people are sick of chaos, sick of being drowned in politics everywhere they look, and reeling from the recent lack of truth/facts/honesty in the world. Musically, the pendulum has already been swinging away from angry intense sounds (goodbye dubstep fuck you very much) and into mellower deeper sounds and more sustained grooves. I'm hearing a lot more classic instruments (basslines from an actual bass and drums from actual drum sets etc), less build up's and drops, and I'm hearing WAY more underground/forgotten Disco. Disco is coming back in a big way and I am SO ready for it.

What do you want for your birthday?

Since I already bought myself a fancy Japanese bidet toilet, I guess I want what you gave me for my 14th birthday, a Hoberman Sphere. Then I'll play with it for 10 min and gift it to a underfunded science class.

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