ANY(time) 005 : Nathan Detroit

What song sounds like the future to you? A Made Up Sound - Peace Offering How will tomorrow be different? We are living in the most uncertain, unsettling and truly frightening times than ever before. Tomorrow feels as though it could be decided by the toss of a coin… a change of direction in the wind… the mere mood of a tyrannical political authority. The future feels as though it hangs on a whim. What we can do as a local community is take to the streets, call on our appointed senators for action, be vocal online / everywhere and embrace each other. The next 4 years is going to be a rough time. What does your mix say about the future? My mix was recorded under the stress and in the face of utter political turmoil. It was an exercise in cathartic release. There are moments of energy, moments of aggression, moments of reflection; I feel it all comes together as whole, as a backdrop to the current state of what we are experiencing both as a nation and a local community. What's your personal slogan for the year? “Don’t be a dick.” How will dance music / nightlife change under the new president? That remains to be seen. If anything, the nightlife will flourish in the face of adversity. More people on the dance floor looking for release and inclusion. We have one of the most vibrant dance cultures the city has ever seen and I hope that we will stick together, support one another and keep pushing ourselves forward. I want to see all of my friends at once! Which movie do you think has the more accurate depiction of the coming future? Aliens, 2001 or Her? Her. 100%. I would go further and say that the “Nosedive” episode from season three of Black Mirror is an even smarter, sharper depiction of the absurd days that lie ahead. Do you have any upcoming gigs? Friday, February 10th – Believe You Me Feat. Gonno @ Liquor Store Friday, February 17th – Sticky Toffee @ The Toffee Club Friday, February 18th – Per-Co-L8 @ Liquor Store Saturday, March 4th – Beat Parlor Presents Glow @ Holocene Friday, March 10th – The Hustle @ The Spare Room Friday, March 31st – The Get Down @ The Spare Room

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