ANY(time) 007 : Not That Jennifer

What is a question you have about the future?

What brand will my next pair of shoes be?

What is a prediction you have?

I predict that they'll be Adidas, but sources are uncertain.

How will you be different tomorrow?

Tomorrow I will narrow down my options for volunteering. Boise has the largest Syrian population in America, so I want to participate.

What does the future sounds like?

Meat by Wilted Woman

In the future, I’ll never have to…

Re-explain myself. They'll be a special device so no one will misunderstand each other anymore. Time saved!

In the future, I'll get to....

Have soft old man hands and people will be like "Whoa, that's a soft but firm handshake"

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A tennis player. Not professionally. Like, twice a month or something. You know, when I'm a little older.

What movie/art piece/tv show changed the course of your future? This doesn't directly fit in any of those categories, but Willam Morris' Manifesto of The Socialist League took me out of going to school for social work and into furniture. The movie The Red Shoes helped me know I was on the right path.

How will your city change? Boise is hungry for ideas and actions. As more people move here, if they have ambition, they'll be guiding culture.

What is the future of your field of work? By this summer, I'll be back to object making. I've been taking a nice break and learning some other skills, but my hands are getting antsy to be making my own designs.

Any gigs coming up?

Yeah, I started this party in Boise called NANCY. The next one is on March 4th, and the following one will be April 1st. If anyone wants to come check it out, I have a very nice couch to sleep on.

Where can we find you on the internets?

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