ANY(time) 008 : Andy Warren

What does your mix say about the future? It accurately predicts some of the tunes I will likely play in the near future at a dance party near you. Also when dolphins inherit the earth, everything will be underwater.

Would you ever marry a robot if it had near-flawless AI? Kraftwerk taught me that computer love is real love too, so I'm willing to give it a shot.

What are you excited to learn about? I'm excited to learn more about music production, and technology-assisted telepathy.

In the future, I’ll never have to….? Die. I'm going to digitize my consciousness and live for centuries. Probably with a super cool android body.​ what is a prediction you have? AI is going to take over most low-skill jobs and human consciousness, as well as technology, will be evolving at an exponential rate over the next 50 years. In what way (big or small) are you actively creating the future? Making sure that people will continue to have ways to enjoy themselves.

What is a song/sound that is futuristic Dub techno. What movie/art/tv show changed the course of your future? 2001: A Space Odyssey This question comes from Not That Jennifer, would you rather know the future or be able to travel back in time? Definitely travel back in time. Specifically to the 90s. The 90s were awesome. Do you have any gigs coming up? March 18 - Portland - Bit House March 24 - Portland - Parasol April 14 - Portland - Believe You Me 3 year Anniversary with Eddie C @ The Liquor Store And a mini East Coast tour is in the works for late April TBA Find Andy:

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