ANY(time) 009 : Kodemul

What does your mix say/mean for the future?

My mix begins with a track from Juan Perez, a Mexican. He was one of the first in the etnorock genre, which are pre-hispanic rhythms. This genre started because of the need to re-approach rock in Mexican society after the Festival de Avándaro (1971) which the mass media disqualified and stigmatized. Apart from that its rhythms are pioneers of Mexican music and although almost nobody replicates actually, I believe it is important to have this approach as reference to give continuity to other rhythms. The next song in the mix is also from a Mexican artist who’s music production I really like. The first tracks are Mexican because I think there is a very big future in the local CDMX scene. The mix in general encompasses many genres and rhythms that go beyond electronic music because I believe that a producer or dj should know other things for their own evolution and not encapsulate it in all in a single genre.

What is the next frontier to be explored/exploited?

Maybe to not be afraid of error because the result of error always leads to new things.

What is a sound/song that feels especially futuristic?

Track 8 Florian Kupfer - because it does not have a 4 x 4 rhythm as its base and that thing creates new rules for production

How does dance music/night life construct/improve the future?

I think it's so important for people to get a space to feel free and comfortable. A space to break free energy through dance, singing and listening to music. It is so important to always accept people of diverse backgrounds in order for people to create that type of free and comfortable space.

Who do you see as a guiding voice for the future?

Jeff Mills could be my guiding voice because of his music, his technique and the way he think about the electronic scene. I think he has a lot of knowledge to share to the world

What do you want to be when you grow up?

To be an important part of CDMX scene, increase diversity of parties, leave a legacy.

The future is....

...diversity and liberty to express whatever you want, go wherever you want, open borders.

The future is not...

...prohibitive of love between anyone

Do you have any gigs coming up?

Por Detroit vol. 7 (CDMX)

29 sep. 2017

Where can we find you on the internet?

Listen to Kodemul's mix

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