ANY(time) 003 : SPF666 + Commune

Would you ever marry a robot if it had near-flawless AI? Commune: I think I've seen enough cyberpunk movies and anime to decline that option. SPF666: As long as they were rich. What is something from your past that you want to revive/revisit? C: The macrobiotic sushi I had in LA. And more stagediving to bands. You can't really do that in clubs. S: I used to hop trains + hitch hike during an embarrassing few years as a crust punk, and while I don’t miss the scabies, I do miss constant travel. It’s nice to manifest that restlessness in something healthy like day hikes + camping now. How will tomorrow be different? C: More synth VSTs to play with. More books to read. My plants will be bigger. S: Hopefully a slight abatement of my crippling multiday new years hangover. Technology will change culture. In 100 years what do you imagine to be a positive change technology has created? C: Hopefully some sort of way to preserve all types of media—including books, music, and film—forever. It's still a lot of work to find more obscure media even with widespread usage of the internet. And if we're really talking futuristic, maybe an option to either consume this media in it's original quality or a remastered version. S: It’s pretty difficult to be optimistic about the future, especially with respect to technology. I’d like to hope that automation would eventually allow people to work less + enjoy life more, but that’s not how capitalism works. At least we’ll ideally be able to pirate/steal (unsure of correct terminology?) everything with 3d printing technology. Also maybe the clubs on terraformed mars will suck less than on earth. What are you excited to learn about? C: Different music genres, music theory, mysticism, food, alchemy. S: This year I’m focusing more on my writing/music journalism. I’m not a great writer but I’m excited to learn/explore new ways to amplify voices + preserve narratives within dance music. Also, I’ve got a short term resolution for the perfect homemade bagel. If you were an architect, what would you build? C: Something opulent like the Shah Cheragh Mosque in Shiraz, Iran. Or forgoing that, maybe not a building at all but just some nice furniture. S: A sealand-style free standing platform in the middle of the ocean. i’d claim micronation status + invite all the freaks. Alternately, some strange, illegal metropolis out of reclaimed shipping containers on a little parcel of forgotten land (freak separatists welcome there too). What song sounds like the future to you? C: Opaque by Aquasky seriously sounds like some sci-fi world soundtrack. And that came out in '97! S: Taken literally, Dj RIP - Musica Del Futuro Any gigs coming up? S: We’ve got our party B*Nice every 2nd Fridays @ Jade Club (old Rotture/Euphoria) with Tyler Tastemaker + Carly Barton this month. Both of these DJs are incredible and I can’t wait to see them tear it up! You can find SPF666 + Commune at:

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