ANY(time) 006 : Jesse Walker

What is a question you have about the future?

What is the fashion of the future? Hopefully unisex onesies like in most classic Sci-fi.

What is something from your past that you want to revive/revisit (philosophies, habits, friends, artists, foods, etc)

The world needs a revival of full-on wackadoodle tiki-bars. Some of my first vinyl records that weren’t my parents I found at thrift stores in Idaho Falls where I grew up. Exotica and Space-Age bachelor pad music was one of my first loves around the same time I got in to rave culture.

What is something you are excited to learn about?

What it is exactly I’m allergic to.

If you were an architect, what would you build?

A boutique budget motel! Or perhaps a futuristic home… say an updated take on the “House of Tomorrow” from the 1933 or '64 World’s Fair.

What song sounds like the future to you?

"Same River Twice” by Steve Hauschildt. The future is calming and serene.

In the future, I’ll never have to…

…pay for energy.

What's your personal slogan for the next 365 days?

“Be the change you want to see in the world"

We have to resist the crazy that’s enveloping us right now, all while keeping from lowering our standards or civility in general. Social media is a powerful tool but it’s also helping take us straight to the darkest depths. How can we organize this anger into positive change as well as support for leaders who will restore the balance. I try to personally never say or promote anything online I wouldn’t say person to person.

How do you expect dance music / nightlife to change under the new president?

More than ever music will be a form of pure escape as well as a way to communicate the message of the day. It’s hard to say if it will get better, worse, darker, or more experimental. I imagine music, and all art forms pushing harder in every direction.

What movie/art piece/tv show changed the course of your future?

Stalker (Film by Andrei Tarkovsky) opened me up to the idea that Science Fiction could be more political and existential in nature. On the Silver Globe by Andrzej Żuławski is also super interesting that way and very relevant today.

Any gigs coming up?

March 9 w/ Green Velvet (Cajual, Relief) at Metro Music Hall, SLC

March 11 w/ Jozif (Visionquest) location TBA, SLC

You can find Mr Jesse Walker on soundcloud, instagram and New City Movement

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