ANY(time) 011 : Virgin Birth

Describe the future world that your mix lives in. The kind of future that is three weeks from now.

What make something futuristic? Neon signs, androids and flying cars. (Blade Runner fan over here, hehe also a lot of TR- 303 and TR- 808 sounds all over the place ).

What do you see as the role and responsibility of nightlife? Well I truly believe that a dance floor is a safe space and a melting pot. A lot of modern revolutions have come from nightlife, it’s been a key for acknowledgement and liberation for the outcasts.

DJ sets often have the special ability to literally blend tracks from the past with tracks from now. How do you balance old songs and new songs in your sets and how are you using the past and the now to inform the future? TBH I don’t think about the age of the tracks I mix, if I like it and it fits there it goes. Best tracks are always timeless masterpieces.

The future is very digital and diasporic, but there is still a critical foundation of getting people physically into a room together to dance or listen to music. What is special that happens in Mexico City that can’t be replicated digitally? What is happening and can’t be replicated is the surreality we live in, literally anything could happen here and that leaves the ground set to experiment new forms and approaches to nightlife, music and human connections.

As the dance floor, the promoter, the DJ and the club are being taken more seriously as a location for social change and community building, what do you see as the responsibility for yourself as a DJ/promoter to the community? I can compare both figures, the DJ and the promoter with a curator. Etymologically, curate literally means to take care so, the responsibility of a Dj and promoter is to take care of a group of people for a couple hours or more through an experience. For me Djing and promoting englobe this tasks: to preserve, in the sense of safeguarding the heritage of the music. to be the selector and propagator of new work, to connect to history and arrange music. You have to see music as a medium and a ritual to set it up in a way that it becomes an extraordinary experience for the people who trust in you for this couple of hours.

Who do you see as a guiding voice for the future? Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, everybody should read that girl’s books.

Describe a time when you felt like you were living in the future: When I ordered my first pizza vía

What is a question you have about the future? Am I gonna be there?

The future is.... Mysterious.

The future is not… here yet, relax and enjoy the present!

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