ANY(time)012 : Bret Bowerman

Our newest transmission comes from the good graces of Bret Bowerman (Primal Frequencies, MI) Bret shares a musical message of living in abundance and wonder. An unfolding that confidently assumes that there are an infinite number of horizons to cross. This isn't a sprint, its a patient practice that defines life as one of progress and exploration.

He also took some time to share his thoughts on space colonies and the future of humanity.

You can catch Bret at the Honcho Campout August 16-19 2018


What’s the concept behind this mix?

I took Gerard K. O’Neill’s Space Colony illustration(s) and conceived of a deep space orbit. Ruminated on what life in a mostly artificial and carefully constructed space cylinder would be like. Maybe this is a transmission from a distant Earth zone. A far-away sun system.

The future is very digital and therefore very diasporic, but music is still experienced in a physical space. You can listen to music recorded in Mexico City, and published in Tokyo and then downloaded on an airplane and then you listen to it in your backyard. But when we talk about DJing it’s often about people being in a room together at the same moment in time. What is unique about playing music in the physical location of Michigan that can’t be replicated digitally or elsewhere?

Being in an isolated area like Northern Michigan can be tough in that respect. But, I think this has actually had much to do with my musical exploring as it forced me to dig deep to either discover or create things that otherwise weren’t available in my immediate surroundings. Further, the lush natural landscape has certainly seeped into my musical predilections.

As the dance floor, the promoter, the DJ and the club are being taken more seriously as locations for social change and community building, what do you see as the responsibility for yourself as a DJ/producer to the community?

Honestly, I just try to do my best at creating a beautiful, hopefully sometimes cathartic experience for people to dance and connect deeply with themselves and others. Although sometimes it may seem frivolous I think it’s very important for people to satisfy that innate desire to dance, socialize, and untangle from their everyday world. Some of my most treasured memories and relationships have sprouted from dance and music-related events, and I could only hope to create an atmosphere conducive to that.

Who do you see as a guiding voice for the future?

People who see injustice and speak up about it. Those who view the World’s people as interconnected and interdependent.

You have a visual art practice as well as a music practice (any other creative practices?) - which practice do you feel is most powerful for creating future worlds?

This is a deep one. I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

For me, music is certainly the more immersive and world-building practice at the moment; however, I think there are also a myriad of possibilities with visual arts and sciences and I would like to explore these moving forward.

The future is…

Continuing to do what you believe in. Also, the O’neill Space Cylinder

The future is not…

Entertaining BS

What is a question you have about the future?

Will we discover other civilizations out there in the Universe?

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