ANY(time)013 : Break Mode

Gumar is one of my heroes. His generosity of spirit, his easy smile and welcoming energy are all things I want for myself. I've been lucky enough to share the dance floor and the decks with this angel and I always walk away a better person. Recently we were going B2B at The Beach House for an audience of friends at the end of the night. Each track he played was distractingly fun and then challenged me to step up my game. I often play from an intellectual space so it was nice to be encouraged to bring a different part of myself to the mix. Instead of being intimidating it was a volley of love and kindness and trust and I'm grateful for that moment. The future is a space of both intellect and emotion. Gumar is based here in Portland and is part of Bed of Roses where he heads up Club Tropicana (with Daniella Karina) and Temptation. His 15 years experience DJing has been dialed into a "cool" sound that finds it way into your body in soothing and effervescent ways. This mix is tweaked toward a higher energy than I'm used to hearing from Break Mode and I think it's going to be perfect for your summertime adventures. Future gig: June 30th - Dillon Martin's going away party July 13th - Pony in Seattle for DJ Blank Eyes' Pleasure Council with my dear friend Cosmic Twin Follow along:


Describe the future world that your mix lives in. One where umbrellas are in all the drinks.

What makes something futuristic? My idea of the the future is changing constantly. What I want it to be or what it might be. It’s scary, exciting and could not exist. I guess if it is something you don’t recognize it could be futuristic or maybe from long ago, where the future and past meet… whoa.

What do you see as the role and responsibility of nightlife? Creating spaces for people to really let go and respect each other and ourselves. Learn new things in an unconventional way.

You play a lot of throwback songs and disco cuts. How do you make those older songs feel contemporary. Not all but a lot of the music I DJ is kind of hard for the average listener to figure what era it’s from. Also to try and seamlessly mix from old to new music is one of my favorite things about DJing.

The future is very digital and very dispersed. And yet there is still something really important about getting people physically into a room together - physical locations are really important. What is special that happens in Portland that can’t be replicated digitally? There are a lot more things that happen psychically as well as physically when we are in the same space. The energy of a room for better or worse can change based on the vibes people are giving and receiving. Not to mention the way architecture effects sound.

I love going to parties just as much as DJing them.

Who do you see as a guiding voice for the future? This is tough. The kids lol. Hopefully Artificial Intelligence.

What is a prediction you have? We are gonna die

The future is.... An idea

The future is not… This moment


In Flagranti - Screwvenier [Codek Records] Manfredas - Glasswalk [Multi Culti] Dunkeltier - Spiegel TV [Bahnsteig] HNNY - Hotline Riddim (Jacques Renault Edit) [K7] Wide Boy Awake - Slang Teacher [RCA] Bawrut - Ciquita (R$N Edit) [Ransome Note] Anton Klint & Edvin E - On The Flip [Tryck & Ton] Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) [Ninja Tune] Errorsmith - Centroid [PAN] Renegade Sunset - Love Has The Energy [Bed of Roses] D.Tiffany - Blue Dream [Pacific Rhythm] Tornado Wallace - Zorn Gottes [Animals Dancing] Jex Opolis - Human Emotion (TV Dub) [Good Timin’] WAV Fuzz - Dream Into Me (Break Mode Remix) [Bed of Roses] Krycek and WAV Fuzz - Ozone [EYMS] An Atoll - Seven Coves [Bed of Roses/Champ Discs]

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